Rajasthan Music and Dance

Rajasthan Music and Dance

Music and dance plays a vital role in the life of people of Rajasthan. The cool stillness of the desert after the hot days are filled with rhythmic dance and emotional music. Dance and Music are admired as skills by the inhabitants of the desert. There are some communities of entertainers in Rajasthan. This is the only source of income for most of these communities. Generally, families would invite the Dholis, Bhats, Bhaands and Nats to dance and sing at family celebrations, marriages or births, or other festivities. Rajasthani marriage is incomplete without their performance. Professional entertainers who performed any specific type of dance like puppeteers, Bhopas and the Kachhi Ghodi dancers are found in the more fertile areas of eastern Rajasthan. Some of the famous entertainers of Rajasthan are the Kalbeliya dancers, with their musical snake dances and the Manganiyars and Langhas of Jaisalmer. The ‘Dholis’ or the singing community of Rajasthan is famous at domestic and international levels.

Style and pattern of the dances and of music vary from region to region. The most important are the devotional songs and the communities who perform these songs.

Dances of Rajasthan traces their origin to the rural customs and traditions. The dancers who perform the dances are still following the customs and traditions of ancient times. These dances are performed by the dancers in colourful costumes and different expressions and body movements. One of the most important dance form of Rajasthan are Ghumar and Jhumar.

People of Rajasthan have their own ways to enjoy the evening in the form of folk music and dance. The desert comes alive when the entertainers perform the folk dances. The females also take part equally in these these activities.

Ghoomar dance is the distinctive form of dance of Rajasthan that is by the womens only in the homes. This dance is only performed in Privacy whereas all other folk dances are associated to any specific festival or religion. These dances have become more famous in the recent. In the Ghoomar dance, the dancers move in circles, making the Ghagra (like a long skirt) which flow in both clockwise and anti clockwise is very amazing.

Other Dance form of Rajasthan is Chari dance and Fire Dance; In Chari Dance the dancers hold a pot on their heads with lighted lamp. It is a very unique art of balancing and requires a lot of practice. In Fire Dance, the performance of this dance requires a lot of bravery. In Fire Dance, boys and men jump over the live charcoal and wood, and the drumbeats in the background add to the effect of the performance.